Hey everybody, so today i am reviewing the LA ROCHE POSAY EFFACLAR DUO(+). This is actually the product which YouTube made me buy. Everyone on YouTube was talking about this product and were sharing their wonderful experience with this product, which made me really very excited to try the product out, also i wanna tell you all that this product is on the expensive side so if you are on a budget this might not be for you.

My Experience : 

OK i will come straight to the point this product didn’t work for me. After trying this product for few weeks i started noticing tiny white bumps on my forehead and sides of my cheeks due to which i stopped using it. There are many products out in the market to which my skin reacts the same way as my skin is extremely sensitive but i had high expectations with this product as this product being a high end product. I don’t really regret buying this product because it works well on my mom’s skin. Her skin is normal to combination, and what i have noticed is that she gets this very nice glow on her face every time she uses this product and even some of her dark spot have been faded little bit but it took a lot of time(approx 1 and half month) for that to happen, she don’t really have acne issues but she used to get big pimples on her jawline area which has been stopped from coming which is really great but you really have to be regular with the product to see good results obviously.


Product Claims :  

Complete care with reinforced anti-imperfection efficacy, to help correct the appearance of imperfections, even skin texture and unclog blocked pores. With Procerad, an anti-marks active ingredient. Procerad, a ceramide helps protect against the appearance of red and brown marks. After 24 hrs: imperfections look visibly less red. After 8 days: Localized imperfections appear significantly reduced. After 4 weeks: pores look unclogged, skin texture looks refined. Controls the appearance of shine. Tested on more than 6700 subjects, on 6 phototypes from fair to dark skin. Texture: fresh gel-cream, 24 hr hydration and lasting mattifying effect, non sticky, non oily finish. Excellent make-up base. Non-comedogenic.

 Directions to use :

Apply to whole face morning and/ or evening after cleansing skin with effaclar foaming gel.

Price & Quantity :

For 1350 INR you get 40 ml of product.

Pros :

  • Non-comedogenic
  • Non-drying
  • Non-sticky
  • No paraben
  • Fast absorbing
  • Its has benzoyl peroxide(5.5%) which helps fight acne
  • Feels light onto the skin

Cons :

  • Not for sensitive skin
  • Overuse might aggravate acne

So overall i would say that if you have sensitive skin i would suggest to first try it out if the store has products to try on or has sample size products then take that and try it out for a week or so and then see how your skin reacts after that i would suggest you to buy this product, but if you have normal to combination skin then this product is a good product to buy.

You can buy this product here (prices may vary on different sites) :




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