Hey everyone, I am up reviewing another sunscreen this summer which is the BIOTIQUE BIO SANDALWOOD 50+SPF UVB/UVA SUNSCREEN as i am in love with all the biotique products i thought of giving this product a shot and bought it. Biotique products dont contain harsh chemicals which everyone is scared of when they go to buy skin care products, but whenever i look at this particular brand i dont even care to check the ingredients because all the products of this brand contains all Ayurveda ingredients. I personally dint knew that this brand has a good range of sunscreens as well with which i am so happy about.

Product claims :

  1. Its ultra soothing face lotion
  2. suitable for all skin types
  3. has 100% botanical extracts
  4. Very water-resistant

My experience/Suggestion : 

Every-time i use this product it gives me a very nice dewy finish onto my skin which i always love. Yes, this product feels a little greasy if you use it generously onto your skin but i feel it creates a really well moisturized, tacky base for your makeup which everyone needs, so that’s a plus point if you wear makeup, but if you don’t then apply less amount of the product to make it feel non greasy and tacky. Also what i have noticed is that it don’t really make your skin look whitish which usually many products tend to look after sometime, its due to the color of the product which blends with your skin very well. But i dint really understand the term very water resistant, the product goes off completely as you start sweating a lot and also when your skin is in contact with water, so that’s really a false claim in my opinion. But i don’t feel sad about it as this being an Ayurveda blend i don’t really expect it to be water resistant. Rest all the product works very well on my skin type which is oily-sensitive.

Price/Quantity :

INR 350 for 120 ml of product

Directions to use :

Apply 15 mins before sun exposure. Reapply, as needed, after swimming or perspiring activities.

Pros :

  • suitable for all skin types
  • keeps skin well hydrated
  • helps reduce the risk of skin aging, skin cancer and other harmful effects of the sun
  • works well under makeup
  • keeps skin protected for at least 2 hrs
  • contains 100% botanical extracts
  • affordable in terms of quantity

Cons :

  • feels greasy if applied generously
  • not at all sweat and water resistant

I would recommend to everyone who is looking for a chemical free sunscreen and also for those who have sensitive skin, this is the right product for them.





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