Hey guys I know I was not posting anything on my blog for a while but now I am back with a review. This is one of my staple products for my hair like every single time after washing my hair I spray the TONI&GUY heat protecting spray all over my damp hair even if I am not gonna straighten my hair still I spray it on because the heat is not just in the styling tools it’s also there when you step out of the house, the sun obviously. The uv rays not only make your hair dry but also damaged from within, just like you put on sunscreen to protect your skin the same way the TONY&GUY spray works for your hair and also guys the best part is the smell, I really love the smell of freshly washed hair and this product smells exactly like that the fresh washed hair breeze kinda I hope I make sense, no but really trust me on that. Some thing is more interesting is its packaging, it has a push button on the neck of the bottle to lock it which makes it super travel friendly and overall the bottle is also sturdy and also this product makes your hair anti-static which is perfect for frizzy hair. Now coming onto the price it’s originally priced at INR 750 for 150 ml but now on NYKAA & AMAZON its for INR 525 that means 30% OFF which is really a cool deal. Now talking about the longevity of this product I will give my example so that you can decide on your own, so I wash my hair alternate days and my hair length is till my shoulder and this product lasts me for 3 whole months which is quite awesome and due to its longevity this product is budget friendly for me. Also this product don’t weigh your hair down or make them look oily or greasy in any manner so this is a must buy product from my side.





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