BIOTIQUE is one of those brand which I trust blindly cause all their products are made up of 100% botanical extracts, they are preservative free, organically pure, dermatologically tested and are cruelty free and also has loads of therapeutic properties.
Talking about the BIOTIQUE BIO WINTER CHERRY BODY NOURISHER the first thing I would say is that its very light on your skin and has water-like consistency. I personally don’t like the feeling of greasy and sticky moisturiser on my skin especially after shower, but this moisturiser is very light and gets absorbed into your skin very quickly and makes your skin soft and matte looking and the Bonus part is that even though it is made up of BOTANICAL EXTRACTS it smells amazing and not medicinal… which I don’t particularly like. My skin type is sensitive-combination so this product neither makes my skin oily nor dry so its just perfect. If you have very very dry skin this product might now work for you, but all those who have oily to combination skin its perfect for you all.

The shelf life of this product is upto 3 years from the date of manufacture which is great! And for 180 INR you get 190 ml of product which is again budget friendly. This product is best to use after a shower. There is nothing negative to say about this product but just a note: if you are sweaty this will feel greasy but I think with every moisturiser this happens so ya guys I really hope this was informative for you all if any questions you can always comment down below and I will try to answer them all.

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