Hello everyone, i am Aashana Gadkari, age 19 from Mumbai. I was one of the most confused girl about my career as my hobbies being so diverse.I personally enjoy cooking, skin care,tech stuff and love doing all sorts of DIYs and trying and testing tones of products. Never thought that i would get the right platform which could give the right direction to all my hobbies and turn them into my passion until now. Blogging and being a part-time YouTuber has given me so much motivation and contoured my hobbies in the right way and this is where i found the real-me. This is my short story behind the quote “where passion meets world”.I love the fact that one can show case their passion to the world and create a wonderful connection. My blog is gonna be filled with loads of reviews, DIY projects,food and tech related stuff ,beauty and a lots more. I hope my content helps you in some or the other way and hope you guys enjoy it and also don’t forget to check out YouTube channel cause there’s a lot more happening.